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GNS3是一款具有图形化界面可以运行在多平台(包括Windows, Linux, and MacOS等)开放源码的思科模拟器软件,模拟复杂的网络,同时尽可能地接近实际网络的方式进行。所有这一切都没有专门的网络硬件如思科IOS路由器和思科IOS交换机。

我们的软件提供了一个直观的图形用户界面和配置虚拟网络的设计,它运行在传统的PC硬件和可用于多种操作系统,包括Windows,Linux和MacOS X。
QEMU,一个通用的开放源码机模拟器,它运行Cisco ASA,PIX和IPS。

VM IOU,可以模拟思科IOS ,IOU,IOS-XR等思科网络操作系统


本文章将提供GNS3下载,GNS3最新版下载,GNS3 IOS下载,GNS3中文版下载,GNS3最新中文版下载,思科GNS3网络模拟器下载


【2016年5月11日最新版】GNS3 Version 1.5.0 alpha 2下载地址:


【2016年5月10日最新版】GNS3 Version 1.5.0 alpha 2下载更新介绍:

Fix build issue on PyPi
Rebase Qcow2 disks when starting a VM if needed
Docker support
import / export portable projects (.gns3project)

【2016年4月29日最新版】GNS3 Version 1.4.6 下载地址:


【2016年4月29日最新版】GNS3 Version 1.4.6 更新介绍:
Fix a typo in Qemu preferences
Fix upload of large image to the VM
Reduce the number of connection tries from 120 to 40 when connecting the GNS3 server running inside the GNS3 VM.
Include link to the GNS3 academy. Fixes #1178.
Snapback feature for port labels. Fixes #1182.
Prevent users to select VirtualBox.exe instead of VBoxManage.exe. Fixes #1195.
Improve the vmrun error message
If we can not read the registry try to guess vmware type from vmrun path
Ensure that you can not duplicate an interface in a cloud
Dissallow removal of link of running emulator without support of hotlink
Check PyQT version support dev version
Show server CPU usage if it’s 0
Clear warnings about using linked clones with VMware Player.
Double click center on link
Double click on an element in topology summary center the view on it
Fix a very very rare crash when closing a project
Avoid a small blink of the waiting text
Fix a crash with image item
Show a symbol in the middle of the link when packet capturing is activated. Ref #789.
GNS3 doctor: check if the NPF service is running. Fixes #1124.
Fixes progress dialog is None in accept()
Fix another race conditions in progress dialog
Replace the installation instructions by a link to the doc
More robust save/restore for VirtualBox linked clone VM hard disks.
Prevent non linked cloned hard disks to be detached when using VirtualBox linked cloned VMs. Fixes #1184.
Stricter checks to match VMware version to the right vmrun (VIX library) version. Also checks the VIX library version when only using the GNS3 VM running in VMware.
Allow only .pcap to be downloaded from remote stream API
Fix incrementation of qemu mac address
Clear warnings about using linked clones with VMware Player.
Alternative method to find the Documents folder on Windows.
Add IOU support and install config in /etc

【2016年3月24日最新版】GNS3 Version 1.4.5 下载更新介绍:

【2016年3月24日最新版】GNS3 Version 1.4.5 下载地址:

GNS3 VM IOU下载地址:



Change some sentences.
Sort snapshots by date
Block save as and snapshot when a device is running
If you hit enter in the new project dialog it’s work
Display upload size during progress
This should avoid blinking dialog. And display better progress
SetupWizard: limit the number of vCPUs for the GNS3 VM to the number of physical cores.
Remove blocking code. Ref #1109.
Fixes “QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running”,
Add a timeout when you are not able to join the remote server
Remove bad smell from progress dialog and handle ESC key
Remove root required messages in cloud node. Ref #608.
Show a warning when the GUI is run with root rights. Fixes #608.
Change message when closing GNS3 with running device.
Ask the user to stop device before closing
At startup display a warning if another GUI is already running
Fix a crash if you delete a file while refreshing the list of appliances
Fix double opening of serial console
Always ask the server for builtin
Improve detection of vmrun on OSX
Delete image from images dir when no longer need
Sort node name in topology summary
Allow to show a message box for test without starting GNS3
Drop licence for paramiko since we no longer use it

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